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08 April 2020

Alexander Schacht, Mark Baillie, Daniel Saure, Bodo Kirsch, Zachary Skrivanek, Lorenz Uhlmann, Rachel Phillips, Markus Vogler, David Carr and Steve Mallett.

The VIS SIG's new initiative, “Wonderful Wednesdays” is now underway. The aim of this initiative is to teach participants about visualisation principles and get them to apply what they learn to relevant examples from the field of healthcare and the development of new therapies. In this webinar we discuss the first submissions looking at some great ways to visualise a categorical response variable over time. We talk about what the SIG members like about each plot and give some pointers on areas we think could be improved.
More specifically, we talk about:
- the value of a title with conclusions
- the use of colour
- the benefits of animation to display time
- ways to declutter your graph and examples of clean design
- enclosure to highlight important parts of the data
- the benefits of the sankey diagram 
- how different charts help to answer different questions
- and many more aspects of great visualizations

We also introduce the second dataset about time to event analyses in a multi-arm study and invite submissions for our next challenge.

Data Submission
The data can be accessed and downloaded via this link:
Please then submit your material via our Google Form.

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