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  • 14 Apr 2021

    PSI VisSIG Wonderful Wednesdays

    Our monthly webinar explores examples of innovative data visualisations relevant to our day to day work. Each month a new dataset is provided from a clinical trial or other relevant example, and participants are invited to submit a graphic that communicates interesting and relevant characteristics of the data.
  • 28 Apr 2021

    PSI VisSIG Webinar: Rapid Insights to Data

    The field of data visualization is the intersection of data journalism, statistics, graphic design, computer science, neuroscience, and cognitive psychology. We will focus on the latter two fields of data visualization as it relates to data visualization: neuroscience and cognitive psychology.
  • 29 Apr 2021

    PSI One-Day Meeting: Non-proportional hazards and applications in immuno-oncology

    Hear about potential strategies to handle non-proportional hazards and delayed treatment effects from experts in the field.
  • 04 May 2021

    PSI One-Day Meeting: Missing Data in Clinical Trials - Past, Present and Future

    At this meeting we will present the evolution of missing data approaches, looking at how they have been handled in the past, the current established missing data approaches and the impact of the new ICH E9 R1 addendum on the handling of missing data, focussing in particular on the treatment policy estimand.
  • 17 May 2021

    PSI Training Course: R for SAS Users

    R is quickly gaining popularity within the pharmaceutical industry due to it being a very powerful object-orientated language, and is able to produce analyses and high quality graphics. This will be a hands-on interactive course and will utilise the RStudio Cloud development environment.
  • 25 May 2021

    PSI Webinar: Oncology Ted Talks (with interaction)

    The format of this event will include Ted Talks by all of our speakers with the opportunity for us to have a discussion together after each of the presentations.
  • 01 Jun 2021

    PSI EIWG Webinar: Estimands in Oncology - How and Why

    A year on after the final ICH E9 estimands addendum was published, we bring estimands to life. Members of the Estimands in Oncology special interest group will describe how the estimand framework provides a common language to describe the diversity of patient journeys and why it is important to address the right question in clinical trials.
  • 08 Jun 2021

    PSI Training Course: Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs)

    This course will cover the essentials of DMC set up (roles and responsibilities, DMC charter, practical considerations), as well as discussing DMC case studies and the role of DMCs in adaptive trials and during the pandemic. In addition, there will be an interactive DMC workshop.

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