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Advertising with PSI enables organisations to target a key recruitment and business population.  The membership of PSI has a uniquely focused population.  It includes just about all of the statisticians working in the UK pharmaceutical industry, including CROs.  Additionally it has as members, many statisticians working in Europe and further afield; and many programmers working in the pharmaceutical industry.  The roles of the members are primarily in phase I to IV development but also include members working in pre-clinical, HTA, reimbursement, regulatory, and working with and in the expanding associated areas, including omics, translational medicine, risk based monitoring and many others.

Members range in experience and seniority from new graduates to very senior roles.

Adverts can be placed on the web site, in fortnightly enews, our newsletter and through other routes including, for instance, the conference.  We place adverts on our home page and on many other pages, and therefore these will be seen by all who access our web site.  As we offer a range of resources on our web site we attract a far wider audience than just our members.  We also include notification of adverts on our LinkedIn group.

If you wish to place an advertisement or wish to discuss advertising opportunities further please contact:  

Watton Hall Ltd
Tel:     020 3603 1151

Advertising Packages

Type[1] Features Price & Block Discount[2]
Standard (Recruitment) Advert placed online on PSI Jobs Board
Advert placed for up to 3 months
1 advert for £390
5 adverts for £1500 (23% saving)
10 adverts for £2000 (49% saving)
15 adverts for £2500 (57% saving)
Premium (Recruitment)

Given the greater outreach to statisticians, this is PSI’s best selling package.

  • Advert placed online on PSI Jobs Board
  • Advert included in fortnightly PSI eNews and monthly Recruitment email
  • Advert placed for up to 3 months
1 advert for £550
5 adverts for £2000 (27% saving)
10 adverts for £2500 (55% saving)
15 adverts for £3000 (64% saving)
Banner Advert (Services & Courses & Jobs) Advert placed on landing page banner for up to 1 month or up to time of course start[3] 1 advert for £1000
Non-profit organisations receive 10% off on above prices
[1] Adverts are placed on-line within 7 days of confirmation and receipt of payment.
[2] Every package must be used within 1 calendar year from the time of purchase.
[3] Only one banner advert will be advertised at a given time.

Media Pack

For further details or to share the information with others who may be interested in job advertisement opportunities, you can download our media pack here.

Booking Form

If you would be interested in placing an advertisement with PSI, please download the booking form, and when complete, please email to

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