Conference Testimonials

Read below why past delegates love to attend the PSI Annual Conference.

"I love to attend the PSI conference as the only conference I know, that is 100% targeted to what I do. The quality of presentations is better compared to other conferences and discussions with colleagues having similar challenges help me to come up with better solutions at work."

Alexander Schacht
UCB and The Effective Statistician Podcast


"The PSI conference is always a great, focused way to hear the latest thinking across companies and from academics and regulators on all of the hot topics that are important for being a succcessful statistician in the pharmaceutical industry."

Chris Harbon
Expert Statistical Scientist, Roche Products Ltd, Welwyn Garden City


"Attendance at PSI is a 'must' from many aspects. This is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from across the industry and to build networks. It's also brilliant for hearing the latest approaches/methodologies and to be able to discuss them with our peers."

Chris Wells
Principal Statistical Scientist, Roche Products Ltd, Welwyn Garden City


"The PSI Conference is open, friendly and there is something for everyone. It addresses up to date topics as well as being a refresher in older methods that have been applied to recent problems. The poster session is always my favourite as you can learn so much in a short space of time and then spend time focussing on the posters relevant to what you are working on or that spark your interest."

Claire Brittain
Project Lead Statistician, UCB


"I started in the pharmaceutical industry in 2015, and attended the PSI conferences in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The conferences helped me with building a network, as well as broadening my perspective on the applications where our statistical skills are useful. Excellent organization and keynote speakers. Highly recommend!"

Dominic Magirr
Associate Director, Statistical Methodology, Novartis


"It is such a pleasure to attend the PSI conference every year, it is my favourite one! Great speakers, great content: almost all the topics are directly related to my interests. I thank so much the organisers for making this event possible this year, I can't wait for it!"

Gaëlle Saint-Henry
Statistical Methodologist, Servier


"The PSI conference is great for biostatisticians working in pharmaceutical industry. The talks and courses are highly relevant to practitioners, and the scientific exchange with colleagues provides many learning opportunities."

Heinz Schmidli
Executive Director, Statistical Methodology, Novartis

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