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17 September 2021

Data visualisation has been used to gain insights into medical data for over 150 years. More modern methods include interactive and animated data visualisation tools, and the development of open source code using agile methods. Gain new insights into data visualisations and learn about the regulatory perspective with this event, which provides a practical introduction to modern methods of data visualisation, including presentations from some well-known and influential speakers.

Key Timestamps:

00:16 Welcome & Introduction
04:00 Susan Mayo - Making impactful graphs: Looking through the eyes of your audience
58:00 Jeremy Wildfire - Building Open-Source Tools for Safety Monitoring 
1:39:40 Sheila Dickinson - Points to bear in mind for visual displays of benefit-risk data
2:07:50 Matthias Trampisch - Dynamic data visualization for Benefit/Risk Assessment DURING trial conduct
2:15:30 Charlotta Fruechtenicht - visR: A Package for Effective Visualizations in Pharma
2:33:35 Patrick Schlömer - A concept to foster interactive and interdisciplinary data investigations using intelligent visualizations
3:00:10 Panel Q&A Discussion

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