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  • Each month a new challenge will be provided, including access to the relevant dataset.
  • Download the data, and develop your own data visualisations.
  • Develop your graphics and code (using any programming language or tool) and submit your entry.
  • Attend the monthly webinar, to hear your submission discussed by our expert panel. Alternatively, please feel free to simply attend the webinars, view the submitted graphics and listen to the panel discussion.

We welcome suggestions for new challenges! Please feel free to submit your idea here.

Current Challenge: Visualising a gatekeeping procedure

The challenge is about producing data visualisation(s) to provide insights into the relationships between the variables. For example:

  • What is the relationship between the true treatment effect and power?
  • Compare the power to reject hypotheses within the same endpoint (dose effect)?
  • For each dose level, compare the power across endpoints (effect of serial testing)?
  • What are the effects of the gamma1 and gamma2 parameters on these relationships?
  • Can we select optimum values for gamma1 and gamma2?

Possible approaches might include power curves, response surface plots, heatmaps, contour plots, interactive visualisations etc.

Process & timeline:

Dataset: Gatekeeping procedureIntroduction of the challenge: Webinar 43 from October 11th (available on VoD)
Submission: Click here to submitDeadline: November 1th
Next webinar: Click here to register Date: November 8th

* NOTE to download a single data set as a csv file, click on the raw button and save the file. The following link describes the process in further detail

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