Causal Inference


  • Apply advances in causal inference methodology to address industry applications in RCT’s, while taking into account the framework of ICH, e.g. E9(R1), as well as guidelines from health authorities; 
  • Promote a causal perspective on the data generating mechanisms in RCTs to facilitate selection of the appropriate methodology that best addresses the scientific question of interest;
  • Promote careful selection of estimators for the estimand of interest;
  • Promote the evaluation of assumptions of causal inference techniques with sensitivity analyses;
  • Foster discussion on the practical implications of non-collapsibility, accounting for baseline covariate (including marginal versus conditional estimands), selection bias, etc., on addressing the scientific question of interest


  • Create a community of best practices for the application of causal inference thinking and application;
  • Propose invited sessions to the scientific conferences and invited seminars throughout the year;
  • Development a white paper on the implementation and application of causal inference methodology and thinking in the analysis of RCT data

Who we are

Core team: Alex Ocampo, Jesper Madsen, Tim Morris, Sanne Roels and Kelly Van Lancker.
SIG members: To be added - please see below if you would like to join us!

Interested in joining?

While imposing a limit of at most 2 people per company, the working group is open for all interested who are working in clinical trials and are willing to actively contribute to this ESIG: i.e. who are willing to contribute to prepare materials, sharing experience for exemplary use.

Applications including a brief biography and short description on motivation will be considered. Please send applications as per the 'How to apply' section below.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining the Causal Inference SIG, or alternatively you just have a general query, please reach out to Sanne Roels and Kelly Van Lancker.

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