PSI 2024 Conference - Spotlight on our Keynote Session!

Mar 25, 2024, 12:43 PM
Here is what one of your keynote speakers had to say about their session coming up in PSI Conference 2024!

Important lessons should be learned from the COVID pandemic, in terms of preparedness for future pandemics as well as paradigms for more routine clinical trial and epidemiological work. First, the timely availability of high-quality data is crucial, allied with the most appropriate methodology to draw valid conclusions from imperfect and incomplete data. Second, we should reflect on which endpoints to use when conducting, in particular, vaccine trials. Ultimately the way in which they protect from severe infection, requiring hospitalization or ICU admission, and mortality, is what matters. Concerted efforts are needed to evaluate correlates-of-protection. Third, in non-pandemic times, it is crucial to invest in health literacy. Misconceptions arising from Simpson’s paradox in vaccine efficacy over genuine hesitancy to outright conspiracy theory may be the undoing of brilliant clinical and epidemiological research. Arguably, biostatisticians, properly trained in science communication and outreach, are well placed to explain complicated and potentially confusing concepts.
- Geert Molenberghs, PhD

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Geert will be presenting on Monday 17 June, on the topic of Biostatistics in a post-pandemic era: lessons learned for research, public health, drug and vaccine development, policy advice, and communication.

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