The purpose of the Healthcare Technology Assessment SIG is to provide statisticians working in the Pharmaceutical Industry engaged in Health Technology Assessments, and others in related fields of research, an opportunity to:

  • Collaborate and discuss strategies and methodology being applied in this area of research
  • Exchange information and share case studies and statistical/analytical challenges faced in HTA research
  • Keep abreast of new research and methodological developments
  • Promote and highlight opportunities for statisticians to make a positive impact in HTAs
  • Interact with key opinion leaders in HTA research
  • Organise and/or participate in workshops related to HTAs


  • Foster collaboration, share case studies, discuss and debate statistical issues pertaining to HTA in ESIG. Priority areas include: national HTA agency hot topics, evidence synthesis including generalisability of real world evidence, patient perspectives in HTA and estimands in HTA.
  • Contribute to scientific meetings e.g.
    1. PSI Conference (June 2020)  POSTPONED TO 2021
    2. EFSPI/BBS HTA scientific meeting (June 2020) 
    3. EU ISPOR conference (Nov 2020)
    4. HTA ESIG led webinar (Date TBD)
  • Publish papers on topics of interest e.g. advances in evidence synthesis and combining RCT with RWE, estimands in HTA, generalisability of RCT in HTA, and patient perspectives in HTA
  • Review and provide comments on Industry and/or regulatory guidelines or changes in processes relating to HTA, e.g. country-specific methods guidelines, EUnetHTA methods guidelines, ISPOR etc.
  • Meet with external experts in the HTA field, for example statisticians in HTA agencies, EUnetHTA, health economic leaders, ISPOR and EFPIA HTA Expert Group.
  • Update and reformat HTA handbook and develop other HTA educational materials e.g. write articles for EFSPI and local statistical association newsletters keeping members abreast of HTA developments and raise awareness of training materials relating to HTA.
  • Keep abreast of the IMI initiatives (e.g GetReal) and seek opportunities to provide input and/or comment on proposals/recommendations.

Who we are

Name Company/Institution
Abdallah Abouihia Medtronic
Robert Bauer Novo Nordisk
Thomas Bartmus MSD
Mark Belger Eli Lilly
Sarah Böhme Pfizer
Simone Borley MAP BioPharma
Ian Bridges Amgen
Monika Bruederl AMS
Ash Bullement Deltahat
Chrissie Fletcher GSK
Lili Fokas Numerus
Christoph Gerlinger Bayer
Ralph Goertz AMS
Monika Groebner MSD
Necdat Gunsoy AbbVie
Jes Birger Hansen Leo
Michael Hennig GSK
Kirsten Hermann Genomic Health
Cristina Ivanescu Quintiles
Rita Kristy Astellas
Katrin Kupas BMS
Friedhelm Leverkus Pfizer
Yannis Jemiai Cytel
Jan McKendrick PRMA Consulting
Shahrul Mt-Isa MSD
Claudia Nicolay Eli Lilly
Marie-Ange Paget Eli Lilly
Carol Reid Roche
Kate Ren University of Sheffield
Barbara Rosettani Celgene
Owain Saunders AZ
Michael Schlichting Merck KgaA
Fred Sorenson Xcenda
Achim Steup Astellas
Alexandra Thiele AMS
Stefanie Tuebben MSD
Karan Vadher Eli Lilly
Jason Wang Celgene
William Wang MSD
Claire Watkins ClaroStat Consulting
Stefan Wiefarn MSD
Lara Wolfson MSD
Caroline Whately-Smith Consultant

How to get in touch

If you have any questions relating to HTA, need further information or wish to join the HTA ESIG please contact Chrissie Fletcher or Lara Wolfson (co-chairs). 


For an introduction to HTA please read the HTA handbook which you can access on the PSI website under Resources (go to the HTA SIG/HTA handbook folder).  The handbook contains useful links to a variety of HTA related resources including HTA agency websites, HTA guidelines, recommended books and reference materials.  Key statistical challenges relating to HTA are also discussed.

For 1-day HTA scientific meetings please view past Scientific meetings on the PSI Website and the Basel Biometrics Section (BBS) website.

For HTA related conference sessions, please view past PSI Conferences on the PSI Website and the International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) website.

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