• 11 Jan 2023

    PSI VisSIG Wonderful Wednesday Webinar Series (2023)

    Our monthly webinar explores examples of innovative data visualisations relevant to our day to day work. Each month a new dataset is provided from a clinical trial or other relevant example, and participants are invited to submit a graphic that communicates interesting and relevant characteristics of the data.
  • 06 Jun 2023

    PSI Career Young Virtual Meet (Q2 2023)

    An informal event starting with a short talk and then going into breakout rooms to connect with others from the industry. Aimed at those who have recently joined the industry looking to expand their network.
  • 22 Jun 2023

    PSI Journal Club: Propensity Scores

    Learn more about the different techniques and applications propensity scores and the advantages and disadvantages of different methods.
  • 23 Jun 2023

    Estimands in randomized clinical trials: practical considerations, opportunities and concerns

    This seminar will host four experts from academia and the pharmaceutical industry who will give introductions and perspectives on the theme (see below).
  • 27 Jun 2023

    PSI Pre-Clinical SIG Webinar: An investigation to improve nonlinear mixed-effects approach for EC50 estimation based on multi-donor dose-response data

    Drs Qiu and Wenren will present their investigations on EC50 estimation based on multi-donor dose-response data via different approaches.
  • 04 Sep 2023

    RSS 2023 Conference

    The RSS International Conference regularly attracts more than 500 attendees from over 30 countries providing one of the best opportunities for anyone interested in statistics and data science to come together to share knowledge and network.

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