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Following a survey of the Journal Club audience, the authors of the two papers with the most votes joined us to present their work. Craig Mallinckrodt presented his work on missing data in longitudinal trials and Scott Andersen presented on mixed effects modelling for repeated measures data.

Audio Recordings

: Robert Cuffe, ViiV Healthcare

Speaker: Craig H. Mallinckrodt, Eli Lilly
A structured framework for assessing sensitivity to missing data assumptions in longitudinal clinical trials
Co-authors: Q. Lin and M. Molenberghs;
Pharmaceutical Statistics, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 1–6, January/February 2013
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Speaker: Scott W. Andersen, Eli Lilly
On the practical application of mixed effects models for repeated measures to clinical trial data
Co-author: Brian A. Millen;
Pharmaceutical Statistics, Volume 12, Issue 1, Pages 7–16, January/February 2013
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+ Papers available to view throughout 2013.

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