Journal Club - Multiregional Trials (Joint DIA Event)

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For our joint event with the DIA, Paul Gallo presented his work on the consistency of treatment effects in multiregional trials, and James Hung presented on some of the considerations needed in the design and analysis of multi-regional trials.

Joint PSI Pharmaceutical Statistics & DIA Statistics Community

DIA Chair: Susan Duke, GSK

Speaker: Paul Gallo, Novartis:
DIA (industry perspective): Assessment of Consistency of Treatment Effects in Multiregional Clinical Trials
Hui Quan, Mingyu Li, Joshua Chen, Paul Gallo, et al
Drug Information Journal, Vol. 44, pp. 617-632, 2010
Abstract | Paper+Slides

PSI Chair: Stephen Pyke, Pfizer
Speaker: James Hung, FDA
PSI (FDA perspective): Consideration of regional differences in design and analysis of multi-regional trials
James Hung, Sue-Jane Wang, Robert O’Neill
Pharmaceutical Statistics, Vol. 9, Issue 3, pp. 173-178, 2010
Abstract | Paper+ | Slides

+ Papers available to view from 29th March 2011 to 26th April 2011.

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