STEM Engagement Schemes - Sponsorship Opportunities

See below a summary of how companies can get involved as a sponsor with different STEM Engagement Schemes to support your company's goals in engaging in Schools Outreach.


STEM Specific

STEM learning

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Sponsor opportunities available: We have a number of exciting sponsorship opportunities available ranging from £1000 to £300,000+. Our programmes support teachers, technicians and young people across the UK – through continuing professional development, student research placements, STEM camps and school partnerships and more! Take a look at our employer pages for more information.

Why partner with us: The demand for STEM skills in the UK has reached a critical point. We are the largest provider of STEM Education and careers support in the UK – working with every school in the UK. You can partner with us to help deliver a world-leading STEM education, inspire young people and build a pipeline of talent in your industry. As a STEM Learning partner, you can achieve your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals while securing a sustainable future for your business.

How to get involved: Contact the team by email to arrange an initial chat to explore how you can become one of our valued supporters – improving outcomes for our young people who will become the creators and thinkers of tomorrow.

I’m a scientist, get me out of here

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Sponsor opportunities available: Your company can sponsor additional staff members in I’m a Scientist. Supporting the activity allows students to engage with more STEM professionals like you.


Why partner with us: Our platform creates an excellent volunteer opportunity for your organisation. Anyone can take part regardless of where they are based. Participation will enhance the communication and engagement skill for you and your colleagues.  


How to get involved (sponsorship): To get involved, email or call 01225 667 922.


DIG Data

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Sponsor opportunities available: Digdata are always seeking new partners to provide new and exciting career challenges to enable our students to continue their data literacy journey and gain insight into the breadth of problems being solved across different industries every day.

Why partner with us: The digdata programme is a virtual work experience offering that develops key employability skills – problem solving, data literacy, storytelling, and presentation to students across secondary and tertiary education. Since our launch in July 2021, we have 13k active student members and work with 1000 schools and 105 universities across the UK. 


Our student cohorts are as follows.

  • First Step (year groups 7-9, 11-14 years old)
  • Next Step (year groups 10-13) 15-18 years old)
  • Step Up (University + HE)


We work with partners to create career challenges (bitesize projects) that the students can undertake using data to solve the problem and gain certification. Our partners include, BT, CACI, Capital One, Experian, Facebook, GSK, ITV, Lloyds banking group, Omnicom Media Group, Shell, and Unilever and all of their career challenges can be found here in our library resource.


We deliver our virtual work experience online, in the classroom and onsite with our data days.

How to get involved: If you are keen to inspire young minds, build a diverse future talent pipeline or tackle economic inequalities as part of your social value plan, please contact Rachel Keane, Founder at




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Sponsor opportunities available: Here are the programs available for sponsorship:

  • Insight Day
  • Hackathon
  • STEM Social
  • Networking Day
  • STEM Skills Workshop

Why partner with us: BeScience STEM is a social enterprise, providing the means to creatively explore STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the whole community to change common misconceptions. There are different programmes and events we host, catering for different age groups and interests, making STEM education accessible to all.


Previous work includes numerous events internationally, working with 1000+ active volunteers and interacting with 10000+ people in the community. From the successes of our unique events, we are now in the fortunate position of supporting other areas as well as STEM. We have gone on to co-host conferences and events with extended objectives including education, leadership, diversity and Inclusion.

How to get involved: We can help you design targeted programs to help young people increase understanding and access to STEM careers. If any of these match your goals, email us at


The Big Bang

How to get involved: Contact



Female Focussed


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Sponsor opportunities available: We offer various corporate sponsorship opportunities to support Maths4Girls, including options down to £1,000, £15,000, or a customisable bespoke package tailored to your company's specific needs. Each sponsorship package includes unique benefits tailored to enhance your company's visibility and alignment with Maths4Girls, ensuring a mutually rewarding partnership.


We also welcome any individual donations. Every penny counts and we have an ambitious goal to reach 250k girls across the UK. You can kindly donate via this link here.

Why partner with us: As a partner, you demonstrate your commitment as a responsible employer, offering the opportunity to make a difference to young futures. Developing the next generation of talent to help them understand the skills needed for the workforce and the opportunities available is a great way to give back.

How to get involved: Get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about what an impact you can make as a corporate partner. Reach out to us here.




How to get involved:




The Access Project

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How to get involved: If your business is interested in partnering with The Access Project to further support their work, please visit their website. Or alternatively, you can get in touch with their Corporate Partnerships Team at


Inspiring the Future

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Sponsor opportunities available: We work with a range of employers, from SMEs through to global organisations, as well as professional and member associations. We create bespoke partnerships to support you to engage in schools and college. There are also opportunities to sponsor our national pupil competitions and school recognition schemes, enabling your employer to reach thousands of schools and young people nationally.

Why partner with us: By working with us you and your organisation can realise four significant benefits…


  1. Increase your reach into schools and diversify your future talent pipeline – Education and Employers work with a network of over 24,500 teachers and 80% of secondary and 35% of primary schools.
  2. Meet your corporate social value goals - 99% of people who volunteer with us feel that they made a difference to the lives of young people within their communities.
  3. Develop your own employees’ professional skills - 80% of our volunteers report developing better communication and influencing skills, with over half increasing their leadership skills.
  4. Increase your employees’ motivation, productivity, and well-being – those who volunteered with us are more likely to speak positively about their employer and are more satisfied at work – limiting turnover and improving performance for customers.

Our flagship Inspiring the Future and Inspiring Governance programmes offer a flexible and easy way for your employees to volunteer in schools – see how we have worked with Brompton Bicycles here

How to get involved: To find out more about partnering with us, please email You can also Join us on 23 January 2024 to find out more about how you can work with us and the benefits it can bring to your organisation. We will be joined by a stellar panel of businesses already working with Education and Employers and who will share more about the benefits they have gained by working in partnership with the education charity.

National Careers Week

National Careers Week


Sponsor opportunities available: At NCW we like to tailor our partnerships to ensure organisations get the right kind of service and to help promote their aims and to inform young people in schools and colleges of the varied career routes and choice you offer. As a non for profit organisation we offer a variety of sponsorship packages that would create interest, influence, and drive some meaningful traffic back to your own capture points and give you the opportunity to reach out to key career professionals within education to promote your businesses career options to their students.


Find a link to the latest report that shows the positive impact that NCW has on promoting career options to young people in schools and colleges throughout the UK. The NCW 2023 Report - National Careers Week.


Why partner with us: National Careers Week (NCW) is a celebration of careers guidance and free resources in education across the UK, but we support careers advisors throughout the year and businesses aims.

Our aim is to provide a focus for careers guidance activity at an important stage in the academic calendar to help support young people leaving education. Careers Week encourages education providers to bring together students, local employers and advisers through careers events and activities. During NCW it is up to every school, academy and college to o­ffer careers advice and guidance to their students. We are here to help and can provide free resources, information on current career opportunities and advice on activities and exercises to run.

How to get involved: If you would like to find out more about how we can support you in reaching out to schools and colleges please use the link below.

Contact Us - National Careers Week


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