PSI Toxicology SIG next workshop in March 2017

May 6, 2016, 09:37 AM

Most companies have very few statisticians supporting the toxicology area and the Toxicology SIG provides an excellent forum for sharing problems and proposing solutions. Under the Toxicology SIG umbrella seven papers have been published.  Our aim is to now progress work on the following topics, have further discussions (via web meetings and/or teleconferences) and publish our proposals/recommendations on each of the following:

  • Approaches to combining sexes in analyses
  • Anti-Drug Antibody Assay analyses
  • Carcinogenicity data and the use of transgenic study data


If you are interested in contributing to one of these areas/publications and/or are interested in joining the Toxicology SIG, please contact Gareth Thomas (


Gareth Thomas.

Chair, Toxicology SIG

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