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19 January 2023

In this webinar, you will hear an introduction on biomarkers and learn more about recent advances in biomarker-based designs, machine learning for biomarkers and data repositories for biomarker use cases. 

The webinar starts with an introduction of the Biomarkers Special Interest Group and a whistle-stop tour on biomarkers.

Presentation 1: Enrichment designs with predictive biomarkers
Most biomarker-driven trial designs are based on the assumption that the biomarker is predictive of response to treatment.
Would you rather verify this assumption during the trial?
If so, which population and subpopulations would you test?
What regulatory issues might you encounter?
How would you setup your hypotheses?

At the PSI Biomarkers SIG, we are addressing these issues within the setting of adaptive enrichment designs for Phase II trials in oncology.

Presentation 2: Who said Machine Learning for Biomarkers?
What do you expect from an inspiring  presentation on Machine Learning for Biomarkers? 
1. Excitement, because you have learned about all the sophisticated Machine Learning methods out there?
2. Being impressed by success stories on Machine Learning & biomarkers?
3. Actionable guidance so that you can incorporate Machine Learning for Biomarkers into your own work?
We, the PSI Biomarkers SIG, want to give it a try and share our thoughts on the past, present and future of Machine Learning for Biomarkers with you.

Presentation 3: But where is the data?

You've discovered this cool new Machine Learning technique but have no data to try it on?
Or you have heard of a new groundbreaking kind of biomarkers?
Or you are like: it is time for me to get my hands dirty with RNA-seq data!

We’ve all been in such situations but then comes the harsh reality: finding publicly available biomarkers data is hard. Finding publicly available biomarkers data along with corresponding treatment response is even harder. 
Changing this was the motivation of the PSI Biomarkers SIG to have a focus on data repositories. 
During this presentation, we will share with you the fruit of this work! 

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