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If you wish to give feedback on the PSI Mentoring Scheme, please fill out the feedback form below.

If you wish to provide anonymous feedback, leave the above blank.

Did you attendance of the Welcome Sessions that was held prior to starting the mentoring relationship?

Do you feel the process for setting up the mentoring relationship worked well?

Do you feel you were well matched with your mentor/mentee?

Would you have liked more support/check-in's from the Mentoring Team during the mentoring relationship?

Is there any aspect of the PSI Mentoring Scheme that you feel could have been done differently?

Are you planning to continue the mentoring relationship with your mentor/mentee outside of the PSI Mentoring scheme?

(e.g career progression)
Would you have preferred a formal close meeting to end the mentoring scheme, or was a close-out email sufficient?

MENTOR ONLY Would you be willing to act as a Mentor for next year’s round of the mentoring scheme?