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14 July 2021

Abi Williams presents the visualisations of the SDQ-12 in conjunction with different anchor measures. For this challenge very different plot types have been proposed. All visualisations are available on the Wonderful Wednesday blog.

Two ways of multiplot staggered bar charts are shown to get a quick overview of the SDQ-12 data. The waterfall plot nicely displayed the relation of the SDQ change to the self-reported outcome. A network plot showed the relation to the other anchor measurements. And then there is that great interactive tool with multiple display options including a plot like it’s used for the principle compound analyses and a scatterplot matrix using also mosaic plots for the categorical variables. Last but not least a wright map visualised the item response models. The new challenge is asking for your favorite plot around COVID-19. Where have you seen it? What do you like about it? How could it even be improved?

Wonderful Wednesdays are brought to you by the Visualisation SIG. The Wonderful Wednesday team includes: Bodo Kirsch, Alexander Schacht, Mark Baillie, Daniel Saure, Zachary Skrivanek, Lorenz Uhlmann, Rachel Phillips, Markus Vogler, David Carr, Steve Mallett, Abi Williams, Julia Igel, Gakava Lovemore, Katie Murphy, Rhys Warham, Sara Zari, Irene de la Torre Arenas.

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