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19 November 2021

Building on the previous webinar series, we will present a refresher on the key elements of the estimand framework and use the ETHOS trial (NCT02465567) to illustrate the estimand framework and to highlight the different options that may be of interest to different stakeholders. The background and disease context of the case will be described, the important events (termed intercurrent events) occurring in the trial will be described and three estimands will be showcased. It will then be explored how best to communicate the estimands in medical journals. Topics of discussion will be raised at different points during the training and there will be time allowed (30 mins) to answer your questions.

Contents of Webinar Topics:
Learning Outcomes
07:30 Introduction to the ETHOS study
16:14 Reminder of the Estimand Framework
21:56 Using the Estimand Framework with ETHOS
26:00 3 possible estimands
34:30 Clinical view
39:13 How should estimands be communicated in medical journals
48:07 Conclusions and Recap Learning Outcomes
51:10 General Q & A


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