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We regularly attend and run events so that students can get a taster of being a statistician in medical research. We have been working to grow our own event, Maths Meets Medicine. Maths Meets Medicine is a whole day of activities aimed at Key Stage (KS) 3 students hosted at a university, which varies each year. We are always keen to be involved in larger STEM or careers events for school students as well as running our own events. Find out more about our recent events below.

Maths Meets Medicine

We ran our last Maths Meets Medicine event at the University of Reading. Year 10-11 students from three schools attended the event. The day consisted of three statistical themed workshops, which introduced topics such as clinical trials, placebo response and cost-effectiveness of medicines.

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Both teachers and students enjoyed participating in our pretend clinical trials for new asthma and Alzheimer’s disease medicines and analysing their own data through a t-test or chi-squared test. There was lively discussion during the workshop that tasked students with choosing only 1 out of 3 new drugs to provide on the NHS.  The day concluded with an active Q&A session with a panel of undergraduate students, placement students and statisticians working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Regional Career Fair

PSI volunteers ran a mini clinical trial game at their stand as part of the Bucks Skills Show. The event featured stands from over 100 organisations and attracted over 2,000 11-19 year olds across two days. Visitors to the stand played the role of asthma patients and were randomised to either placebo or a new drug, Breatheazy. Students had to blow into a Peak Flow Meter (adapted to give lower scores for placebo) and their data was analysed in an app. Students used various plots and statistics in the app to decide whether the new drug appeared effective or not.


Lots of students really engaged with the activity and enjoyed finding out more about our industry and the statistical profession. Parents were equally pleased to find out about a career where maths and statistics are applied. We hope to be attending more careers fairs soon.

If you would like to run any of the workshops used at these events yourself, please visit our Classroom Workshop page for full instructions and resources.

Visit our events page and Facebook page for information on future events or get in touch via our contact us page if you are organising an event you would like PSI to attend.

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  • Webinar: MCP-Mod – Theory, Implementation and Extensions - Dates: 08 – 08 May, 2019

    MCP-Mod (Multiple Comparisons & Modelling) is a popular statistical methodology for model-based design and analysis of dose finding studies. This webinar will describe the theory behind MCP-Mod (plus extensions), and how to implement it within available software. Pantelis Vlachos (Cytel) will provide a brief introduction to the methodology and illustrate the MCP-MoD capabilities in EAST 6.5. Saswati Saha (University of Brehem) will discuss new variations and alternatives to MCP-Mod and show how to implement them in R. Neal Thomas (Pfizer) will present further technical details of MCP-Mod by evaluating the method using results from least squares linear model theory.
  • PSI Toxicology SIG Workshop 2019 - Dates: 02 – 03 Apr, 2019

    This 1.5-day workshop will involve approximately 20 statisticians, focusing on discussions around “best practice” in the statistical analysis of various data types.​