Next Steps: How to become a Statistician or Statistical Programmer

There is not just one route to becoming a medical statistician or statistical programmer in the pharmaceutical industry. There are many valuable skills and experiences you can bring to a company. However, all statisticians and programmers need to firstly be good mathematicians, so it is important to choose A levels carefully. Both medical statisticians and programmers will need to go to university to get their first degree (bachelor’s degree [BSc]). Medical statisticians usually also need a second degree (master’s degree [Msc or MMath], or sometimes even a doctorate [PhD]) in statistics or medical statistics.

Explore the profiles below to see examples of how you can develop mathematical, statistical and scientific skills that will be invaluable for building your career.

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  • PSI Webinar: Adaptive design: updated draft FDA guidance and its implications - Dates: 11 – 11 Jun, 2019

    In September 2018 the FDA published a guidance on adaptive design for clinical trials of drugs and biologics, updating (not finalizing) its initial draft from February 2010. The main focus of the webinar will be to provide an overview of its main contents, which will be presented by Jürgen Hummel (PPD). In addition, Kaspar Rufibach (Roche) will introduce an open-source statistical software for adaptive designs, RPACT (an R package that enables the design and analysis of confirmatory adaptive clinical trials). Kit Roes will also comment on the guidance from a European Regulatory perspective, which will be followed by a brief panel discussion.
  • Adaptive Designs - Dates: 24 – 24 Jun, 2019

    During this meeting we will hear about adaptive sample allocation for phase II/III designs, a new CONSORT extension reporting guideline for adaptive designs, regulatory aspects and case studies.
Pharm Research Associates

Principal Biostatistician


Autolus Therapeutics

Head of Statistical and Data Innovation as Head of Biometrics



Leading Biostatistician with experience in Big Data and advanced analytics



Biostatistician with experience in clinical drug development



Statistician Opportunities in the UK