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For the exhibition session, we welcome representatives from any pharmaceutical companies, CROs, CTUs and other organisations working within the field of Medical Statistics, including any universities who run an MSc or PhD in Statistics, or have statistical consulting groups. 


This year there will be no limit to the number of company attendees per exhibitor stand. Each company attendee will have their own schedule to book meetings with students. For more detail about how scheduling will work you can view these resources.


Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the important pre-event milestones to ensure you are all set up and ready to go for the day of the event!


Exhibitor registration is now closed for our Virtual Medical Statistics Careers Event 2022.

Virtual career events are online 'events' that allow exhibitors and students to meet in virtual environments such as through voice calls or video chat rooms, and offer a number of advantages to both students and exhibitors! Exhibitors enjoy lower recruiting costs through the ability to virtually screen quality candidates, receive electronic CVs and save time and costs associated with travelling to participate in face-to-face events.


We will be working with Career Fair Plus to host our upcoming virtual career event, to create an intuitive, user-friendly experience for students and exhibitors. Check out this video demo to see how it works!


When registering for this event, please ensure the email address provided will be able to receive mail from * You may need to contact your IT team to help add this to the allowed list of domains from which you can receive emails.


Ideally, the email address entered in the registration form is your own company email address, which you check regularly, and with which you can set up your account on Career Fair Plus. You will receive an invitation to join Career Fair Plus on 2nd February 2022, at which point you will be able to invite your other company volunteers to the system.


We will follow up with more detailed instructions in due course, but if you want to get a head start, check out some of these resources.

Important Pre-Event Milestones:

Below is a general outline of how the event will come together. Your primary event contact will also be receiving various emails regarding important tasks that need to be completed in the run-up to the event. 

Wednesday 12th January 2022Deadline to register for the virtual event via our website. Exhibitor registrations will import to the Career Fair Plus system to create your organisation’s virtual booth.
Wednesday 2nd February 2022The “primary event contact” entered in your registration form will receive access to your virtual booth, which gives the ability to add team members and create schedules. To understand the next steps and input required ahead of the event see this guide.**

Wednesday 9th February 2022 (12-1pm GMT)

A live exhibitor training webinar (recorded) will be hosted by PSI CALC. Webinar details will be sent to your primary event contact.
Tuesday 22nd February 2022Meeting schedules (names and available times during the 11:30am-5 pm GMT exhibition session) must be finalised by exhibitors. We discourage altering the pre-determined 10-minute increments. Once students begin signing up, you cannot edit your schedule if a student occupies a time slot you must cancel; anticipate needed breaks in advance. For further guidance on scheduling see this guide.
Wednesday 23rd February - Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Students make appointments on exhibitor schedules.

Students will be able to book appointments on exhibitors 1-to-1 and group schedules from 12pm GMT 23rd February 2022 until 5pm GMT 2nd March 2022.


To understand the difference between 1-to-1 and group schedules, see this guide.

Wednesday 2nd March 2022  (10am*-5pm GMT)
Our second virtual Medical Statistics Careers Event is LIVE! See below for Agenda.

* Exhibitors not involved in the panel discussion are only needed from 11:30am GMT.


** Before the student scheduling begins on 22nd February 2022, Exhibitors should familiarise themselves with available Career Fair Plus training materials:

  • Click here to review the Career Fair Plus provided guidance for employers. 
  • Attend a virtual training before using the system (strongly encouraged). Links to the Career Fair Plus hosted recruiter webinar sign-ups are below.


Wednesday 2nd March 2022 (10-11:30am GMT)

Live webinar


  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Medical statistics panel discussion with some of our exhibitor volunteers


Companies selected to have a representative on the panel discussion will be contacted separately with their panelist webinar details. 

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 (11:30am-5pm GMT)

Virtual exhibition session hosted on Career Fair Plus app. Students attend their pre-scheduled appointments with company volunteers.

NB: You can use the Career Fair Plus app on your smart phone, tablet or desktop PC. 

If you chose to download the Career Fair Plus app, you can use it alongside the desktop version to mark candidates as no-shows, and add private notes and/or ratings for your candidates which you can then export at the end of the fair (video). The app also has an integrated timer to help you stay on track.


If you experience any issues during the exhibition session please visit us at the PSI CALC Helpdesk.



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