Application and Implementation of

Methodologies in Statistics (AIMS)

 Special Interest Group


Statisticians and programmers need to continue to develop their technology toolkit and support industry enhancements.  These may cover:

  • New analytical tools
  • Enhancement of existing analysis software packages
  • Evolution of industry data standards and guidelines

Evolutions in theoretical methodology are of little use without clear guidance on how to implement these improvements in industry-standard software. 

The AIMS SIG's objective is to support PSI Committees and PSI/EFSPI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with the technological application and implementation of statistics.  To develop understanding of new analytical tools and approaches to share with PSI & EFSPI members via appropriate forums.  To ensure PSI & EFSPI members are supported with understanding the requirements for the implementation of industry data standards. 

The Application and Implementation of Methodologies in Statistics (AIMS) Special Interest Group was formed in May 2016.   Our first six months was spent brainstorming to identify an area that would be our initial key focus.  What assistance is most needed in order to develop the statisticians technology toolkit and supporting industry enhancements?

After discussion with the PSI board, the group decided to focus on the use of R software in the industry.  We are now working to investigate R validation, how R can be used in submissions and to provide training in the more recent advances in software such as R shiny, RStudio, RNotebook and high performance computing.

We will be publishing articles in the quarterly SPIN newsletters and all historical articles will be available to access on this website.
The AIMS SIG team consist of:
Craig Mcilloney (PPD)
Lyn Taylor (PRA)
Chris Toffis (Syne Qua Non)
Yann Robert (Servier)
Helen Savel (Bordeaux University Hospital, Clinical Epidemiology Unit)
Sophie Canete (Bordeaux University Hospital, Clinical Epidemiology Unit)
Jules Hernandez-Sanchez (Roche)
Andy Nicholls (GSK)
Markus Elze (Roche)

If you are a statistician who is interested in R and would like to join our SIG, please contact Lyn Taylor at   If you have any experiences using R which you would like to share with our team or if you would like to write an article for SPIN on how R is used in our industry then please also get in touch.

The SIG Charter and our Articles to date are shown below.

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  • PSI Journal Club Webinar: Bayesian Methods - Dates: 12 – 12 Jul, 2018

    Our next journal club features two papers on the topic of Bayesian Methods. Please join us to hear Qingzhao Yu (Louisiana State University) and Margaret Gamalo‐Siebers (Eli Lilly & Co) present their recent work.
  • IDEAS Dissemination Workshop - Dates: 26 Sep, 2018

    The aim of the workshop is to translate and promote novel methodologies developed by IDEAS and is geared towards statisticians and trialists with an interest in novel methods for early phase clinical trials. Therefore, it will be of interest to those working in academia, industry, HTA or regulatory authorities.
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