Careers and Academic Liaison

Chair: Amanda Darekar

The objectives of the Careers and Academic Liaison Committee (CALC) are to promote careers for statisticians and programmers within the pharmaceutical industry, through school and university activities and establishing links with relevant professional groups. By working directly with schools and universities, and via our external Careers website, we provide information to individuals interested in careers as either statisticians or statistical programmers within the industry.  Our activities include: 
  • Developing and running interactive workshops for schools
  • Giving careers talks at universities
  • Attending and organising regional and national careers events
  • Raising awareness of general issues such as cuts to MSc funding and changes to A level mathematics and statistics curriculum
  • Working with other organisations such as the Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

We are always on the lookout for people to help with our initiatives, for example running a workshop in a school, giving a university careers talk or writing a profile about working in the industry. If you are interested in becoming involved in any of our activities and can spare even just a little bit of time, please get in touch with any of the committee.

If you have any careers related questions please feel free to contact us at


The committee meet 4 times a year to discuss current topics and agenda items.  


Name Company  Role
Amanda Darekar Pfizer Chair
Jessica Kendall CTRU, University of Leeds MSc subteam, social media
Emma Crawford Parexel MSc subteam
James Lay-Flurrie GSK Millennium maths project, German CALC
Katharine Thorn GSK Schools subteam
Ian Ratcliffe IQVIA MSc subteam, social media
Rachael Loftus GW Pharma BSc subteam
Rhian Jacob Roche BSc subteam
Shiv Makadia Amgen (placement student) Schools subteam, social media
Xinyi Zhu GSK MSc subteam
Abeera Mohammad Amgen Schools subteam
Amy Phillips-Jones GSK
BSc subteam

Committee Resources

Committee resources can be found here. 

Public Resources

CALC maintains a Careers website and a Schools/Education website, which contain information and resources for use by schools, universities and individual students.

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